Ian Deadly Bio

Ian Deadly: literature and philosophy graduate, circus school graduate, juggler, actor, one-time flying trapese catcher, acrobat, mime and above all; street performer. For the last ten years his only paycheck has been his hat, starting over sixteen years ago working all seasons in the streets and squares of Europe, he has no day job. He also has the loudest clap in the whole world.


A juggler for more than 25 years with 16 years plus experience in the street Ian started the hard way (making a loss on his first show), he has performed in nearly every country in Europe (still waiting for the first Vatican City Street Theatre Festival) and beyond.

An English street performer who has worked solo and in other groups specialising in juggling and hand to hand acrobatics, he has attended numerous workshops in theatre, mime, dance and juggling. In 2006 he decided to go back to school to get better skills and completed the professional contemporary circus course at Scuola di Cirko Vertigo in Turin, Italy. Where he works constantly in his "home" piazza.

Every year he embarks on a festival filled European tour, continuously searching for new festivals and new audiences. Ian believes that the public makes his show and each new audience and culture brings new possibilities and creates a new show every time.

Streetshow Promo

Prize winner

1st Place Strassenfiffi, Gutersloh, Germany

1st Place Las Ramblas, Naples, Italy

Winner Kleinkunst Festival, Usedom, Germany

The People         Vs

 Ian Deadly

Arriving with only a suspicious suitcase, an enigmatic glint in his eye and a funny hat Ian Deadly proceeds to transform the square into a theatre of the public. Using techniques of audience participation, improvisation, following, mimicry and gentle clown the public are led into this performance created by them and the artist jointly, experiencing emotions such as surprise, laughter, nostalgia to arrive at a finale to a show that is both beautiful and unique in it's conception and exhibition. With virtuoso juggling and hat manipulation, audience interaction and the amazing art form of contact juggling all set to energetic and nostalgic music.

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